Q- I'm interested in becoming on the Kill Creek Prostaff.

A- Email me at neil.killcreekclothing@gmail.com

Q- What is your return policy?

A- Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are unhappy with your product in anyway send it back for a full refund.

Q- How do your shirts fit?

A- Our T-shirts are a premium fitted shirt and fit a little tighter in the sleeves and torso. They shrink a little after washing/drying but not as much as a 100% cotton shirt. Here is some helpful info from our employees;

Owner in product photos: 5'10'' and 170lbs and is wearing size large shirts that have been washed and dried. He is wearing a large in the long sleeve fishing shirts. He typically wears a large in traditional tee shirts.

Employee 1. 6'3'' and 220lbs. typically wears XL in traditional shirts. Our XL tees fit him tightly and he prefers our XXL size T shirts. He wears an XL in the long sleeve UPF shirt.

Employee 2. 6' and 200lbs. typically can wear a large or XL in traditional shirts. Prefers an XL in our tees and a Large in the long Sleeve UPF.

All female apparel on our site fits true to size.

Q- How long does it take to ship your products?

A- If our products are in stock they will ship in 1-2 days of you ordering. If the product you order is out of stock it will be shipped within 5-10 business days and you will be notified by email

Q-  What if I have questions about an order I placed?

A-You can email us at orders.killcreekclothing@gmail.com

Q- The product is out of stock, When will it be available?

A- If you are interested in a product,  please email us at killcreekclothing@gmail.com so we are aware of your interest and make sure we restock the right quantities. We will email you back and let you know when you can expect them to be available.

Q- How should I wash/dry your products?

A- For our T-shirts we suggest washing with like colors and drying on a low setting. Drying your shirts too high and for too long will shorten the life of all the garments you own regardless of manufacturer.

For our long sleeve fishing shirts we recommend washing with like colors and either tumble dry on low or hang dry. I personally hang dry any garments I own that are 100 polyester to maximize the life of the garment

Q- What if I'm nearby and I don't want to pay for shipping?

A- We are based out of Lakeland, FL and are in Orlando 2-3 times a week. Contact us at killcreekclothing@gmail.com and we can  take your order separately and arrange for pick up if you are in the area.